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POETS ONLINE started in 1998 as an e-mail exchange amongst four poets. Taking turns and suggesting a prompt idea, we took a week and then e-mailed our poems to each other.

As more poets joined the group, it became an awkward mailing process, and POETS ONLINE, the Web site was created. By early 1999, a mailing list was created to remind people to check the latest prompt & poems and that has grown to hundreds of subscribers.

The site was originally located on a free web server service, but when we were told that "Your web pages have exceeded your account's total data transferred quota," we needed to move.

In 2003, I bought the domain

We try to accept as many poems that respond to the current prompt in a serious way as space allows. We realize that we receive poems from poets of varying ages and experience. The site continues to be a showcase for new work and a place to go for inspiration online. We are gratified by the number of teachers and students who have written us to say that they find the site useful and for the 100+ sites that link to us.

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